Since Mobile Screens Etc. is strictly a customer service based buiness building window and door screens for thousands of customers with thousands of different sizes. It's really important to have access to a database names, addresses, warrenty dates, colors, sizes, and styles of this information. When our main computor crashed Andrew at Mad Dog was able to retreive the old information off of it and install it into a new Dell computer and then put it back into our network fast so every thing worked like it was suposed to. It would have taken me weeks and I have a business to run. He has also set up the other computers with "Log ME In" so that if they freeze up or just aren't working right he can fix them from his office with out having to come out at all. It's so cool to watch the mouse move around on it's own and see him open up files and programs on my computer I didn't even know were there and fix it so fast. Other techs I've used usually only know the basics or are impossible to get back out fast enough for warrenty work when something isn't working right. When your system crashes you need a Mad Dag to attak it not a chihuahua.

Kevin F.,