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Internet Explorer 10 Problems!

Having Internet Explorer 10 problems that won't allow you to access the internet properly? Mad Dog Computer has had many clients recently reporting severe problems using the Internet after the installation of Internet Explorer 10.  If you have IE 10 and didn’t manually install IE 10, it was most likely automatically put into your system when…
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Windows DLL load hijacking exploits go wild and plant malware on PCs!

Less than 24 hours after Microsoft said it couldn't patch Windows to fix a systemic problem, attack code showed up to exploit the company's software. A security firm that's been researching the issue for the past nine months said 41 of Microsoft's own programs can be remotely exploited using DLL load hijacking.  Many Windows applications…
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Microsoft GIGANTIC Patch releases Tuesday, June 8th 2010.

Microsoft said it will deliver 10 security updates this Tuesday, June 8, 2010 to patch a record-tying 34 vulnerabilities in Windows, Internet Explorer, Office and SharePoint.  The patches will also quash two bugs that Microsoft acknowledged in February and April.  This is a Microsoft gigantic patch that we recommend to all clients that they download…
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