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Cerber Ransomware Talks to You

It's called Cerber Ransomware and it is fleecing computer users as it Talks! New Cerber ransomware does the same as other ransomware threats, in that it encrypts all of your file,s then demands a ransom payment. However, it does do something new.  After your files are encrypted, it drops three files on your computer desktop.  Two are…
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Totally 100% Fake Scareware

  If your screen should pop up with a something similar to the picture above, the best thing to do is PRESS THE POWER BUTTON, turn off your computer and call Mad Dog Computer at 503.922.1599.   Clicking on anything on the screen in an attempt to close the messages may infect your computer with a virus…
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Fake browser warnings dupe users into downloading ‘scareware’!

Fake Browser "Scareware" Scam Scammers are spoofing the anti-malware warnings of popular browsers to dupe Windows users into downloading fake security software, Symantec said Monday. According to the FBI, rogue security makers have made at least $150 million by duping the public! Little wonder, then, that the fake security software industry is huge. During the…
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