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Back Up Before It Is All Gone – New Ransomware Threat

RANSOMWARE THREAT IS BACK! After an absence of 2 months, the CryptoWall ransomware threat is back!  CryptoWall 3.0 started appearing on Monday 1-12-15 and is a sophisticated ransomware threat program that encrypts the victims' files making them unusable and non-recoverable. Users are instructed to pay the equivalent of US$500 in bitcoin virtual currency in order…
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What is the Heartbleed bug?

What is the Heartbleed bug? This “bug” is not a virus or malware. The Heartbleed bug is a security flaw that was discovered in OpenSSL encryption that is used on almost every website on the internet to encrypt their data.  It is not just affecting individuals, or certain targets, but it is affecting the entire…
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Windows DLL load hijacking exploits go wild and plant malware on PCs!

Less than 24 hours after Microsoft said it couldn't patch Windows to fix a systemic problem, attack code showed up to exploit the company's software. A security firm that's been researching the issue for the past nine months said 41 of Microsoft's own programs can be remotely exploited using DLL load hijacking.  Many Windows applications…
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