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Scheduling your onsite appointment today starts with just a click.

We've serviced over 100 clients with our in-home onsite computer repair in January alone.

Mad Dog Computer In Business Since 2009

We're a locally owned family business that has been open and helping local clients since 2009. 

In-Home Onsite Computer Service by Mad Dog Computer

Mobile onsite computer repair in the comfort of your own home is one of our primary jobs.

See Why People Trust Mad Dog Computer Most For Computer Repair.

We take great pride in providing you trusted & highest quality onsite computer repair.

We can take it to our local repair facility if needed.

In the rare case that a more time-consuming repair is necessary, our tech can take the computer to our local repair facility and bring it back to you when repaired.

Virus Removal using Onsite Computer Services by Mad Dog Computer

When you encounter a preventable problem like a computer virus, our tech can remove it and offer expert training and advice on ways to protect yourself in the future. 

Microsoft Certified and Trained Technicians by Mad Dog Computer

We have professionally trained techs with over 30+ years of experience in computer repairs and technical support. There is very little that our techs haven't seen and taken care of.

  • Wireless Networking (WiFi)

    Wireless Networking (WiFi)

    From simple troubleshooting of your Internet connection to design and installation of a WiFi network to cover your entire home…

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  • Virus / Spyware / Malware Removal

    Virus / Spyware / Malware Removal

    What We Do First: When you bring your computer into Mad Dog Computer because it’s acting weird, being really slow,…

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  • Tune Up

    Tune Up

    How We Do A Tune-up: When you bring your computer into Mad Dog Computer because it’s acting weird, being really slow,…

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  • DC Power Jack Replacement

    DC Power Jack Replacement

    If your laptop won’t charge, your laptop will only charge if you hold the cord at a special angle, or…

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  • LCD Display Repairs

    LCD Display Repairs

    The LCD panel (aka screen, display, monitor) in a laptop computer is one of the most delicate parts of the…

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  • General Laptop Repairs

    General Laptop Repairs

    No matter how bad your computer may appear, Mad Dog Computer can do just about anything needed in order for…

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  • Laptop A/C Power Adapters

    Laptop A/C Power Adapters

    When your laptop power adapter dies, gets damaged or gets lost, Mad Dog Computer carries a variety of laptop A/C…

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  • Motherboard Replacement for Laptops

    Motherboard Replacement for Laptops

    When your portable computer needs a new motherboard, it is never a good situation! There are a few thing to…

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  • Keyboard Replacements

    Keyboard Replacements

    Laptop keyboards are pretty much impossible to repair and always impractical to repair. Mad Dog Computer can get replacement keyboards…

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  • Laptop DVD Drive Replacement

    Laptop DVD Drive Replacement

    Problems With Your Laptop DVD Drive? If your laptop CD/DVD drive is making weird noises, won’t play movies or music,…

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  • Windows OS Reload

    Windows OS Reload

    Performing an Operating System (OS) Reload Service is usually done because your hard drive has crashed or some malfunction or…

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  • Primary Quarterly Maintenance Plan

    Primary Quarterly Maintenance Plan

    This plan will keep your computer running at peak performance all year round at a very reasonable cost. First, we…

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