When your computers are down at your business, you're losing money.  If that were your purpose, it would be called a hobby.

Without computers, your business can't do business and you don't earn money yet all of your expenses continue.  Non-productive employees still get paid.  Customers get upset and go elsewhere due to your failure to respond or your inability to process orders.  You miss deadlines.  And, if you have been hacked, your business' reputation can plummet as the hacker sends SPAM to your clients who believe you are sending them.  Worst of all, your bank accounts could be drained and your and your business identity could be stolen.

Getting your business computers back up, running and functioning properly is not an option, it is life-or-death.

Call us and Mad Dog Computer will be on our way to your your location to get your business back into business.  Our on-site business services will help to prevent this situation in the 1st place.  If it has already happened, our on-site business recover services will do everything we can to get you back up and running then proceed to protecting from ever being in this situation again.


  • Installation and Moves

    Installation and Moves

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  • Microsoft Certified

    Microsoft Certified

    The Mad Dog has been Microsoft Certified since 2000 as a MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer), MCSA (Microsoft Certified Systems…

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  • Wireless Networking (WiFi)

    Wireless Networking (WiFi)

    From simple troubleshooting of your Internet connection to design and installation of a WiFi network to cover your entire home…

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  • Website Design

    Website Design

    Do you like our website?   This is an example of our work and a sample of what we can…

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