• Windows OS Reload

    Windows OS Reload

    Performing an Operating System (OS) Reload Service is usually done because your hard drive has crashed or some malfunction or…

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  • Primary Quarterly Maintenance Plan

    Primary Quarterly Maintenance Plan

    This plan will keep your computer running at peak performance all year round at a very reasonable cost. First, we…

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  • Data Recovery

    Data Recovery

    We always recommend that you backup your computer on a regular basis but we know that things can happen. For…

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  • Essential Care Monthly Maintenance Plan

    Essential Care Monthly Maintenance Plan

    When you have to make sure that your everything goes smoothly, this plan will keep your computer running at peak…

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  • Hard Drive Replacements

    Hard Drive Replacements

    If your computer is making weird sounds, responds very slowly, gives you errors when you try to open files or…

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  • Total Care Monthly Maintenance Plan

    Total Care Monthly Maintenance Plan

    When you want to make sure that there are no surprises to your wallet, this plan covers everything in the…

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  • Desktop Computer Motherboard Replacement

    Desktop Computer Motherboard Replacement

    When you replace a motherboard in a desktop computer, you have many things to consider… Is the same motherboard available…

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  • Built To Order Desktop Computer

    Built To Order Desktop Computer

    There are quite a few reasons to have Mad Dog Computer make a Built-To-Order Desktop Computer for you instead of…

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  • DVD Drive Replacement

    DVD Drive Replacement

    Problems With Your DVD Drive? If your computer CD/DVD drive is making weird noises, won’t play movies or music, won’t…

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  • Secure Data Destruction

    Secure Data Destruction

    If you pay attention to the news, you’ll find daily stories about yet another person who has had their identity…

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  • Internal Cleaning – Desktops

    Internal Cleaning – Desktops

    It's Dirty In There! The #1 killer of computers other than accidental damage is heat buildup due to a build…

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  • Recycling


    Mad Dog Computer will recycle your old computer equipment for you without charge. Just bring your old equipment into our…

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