Motherboard Replacement for Laptops

When your portable computer needs a new motherboard, it is never a good situation!

There are a few thing to investigate before considering replacing a laptop motherboard:
Ask yourself “Was I happy with my computer before it had this problem?” If your answer is ‘NO’, you might want to consider trading-in your dead computer on a replacement computer and having Mad Dog Computer transfer your important data (photos, documents, etc) from your old computer to a new one…the transfer is FREE when you get the replacement computer from us.
Is a replacement part available – on newer or less popular older models, the answer may be NO!
Is the cost of the part low enough for it to make sense to repair the computer – if the part is scarce, the cost may be high.

If you decide that a motherboard replacement is the right way to go, the professionals at Mad Dog Computer will get the job done right.

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