DC Power Jack Replacement

If your laptop won’t charge, your laptop will only charge if you hold the cord at a special angle, or the plug just about falls out of the jack then your power jack probably needs to be replaced using our DC Power Jack Replacement service.

The procedure to replace a power jack is one of the most complicated repairs which is ever needed on a laptop and requires a lot of time and specialized equipment to get it done correctly.

Before the repair can be performed, the computer has to be completely broken down back to the individual pieces from which it was originally assembled and the motherboard needs to be removed. In most laptops, the laptop jack then has to have the pins delicately de-soldered, removed from the motherboard, the motherboard cleaned, a new jack is inserted into the motherboard and then all of the pins then have to be re-soldered. All of this has to be done while not damaging the incredibly delicate computer components.

Once the jack is replaced, the dozens of parts have to be reassembled in the correct order without causing damage. If any one of the steps is done wrong or in the wrong order, you might be looking for a new computer.

A power jack replacement is not for the faint of heart, but the professionals at Mad Dog Computer have replaced hundreds of power jacks successfully and can do the same for you.

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