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Happy Independence Day 2018

Time sure does fly and so here it is again, July 4th, this time 2018.  We hope that you enjoying the holiday. We've been a totally mobile service for over a year now and most of our clients have loved the change.  Unfortunately, we still get phone calls on a daily basis asking what happened…
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Did you know??? Commercial Furniture Assembly by Mad Dog Computer

Many clients find it interesting (aka strange) to find out that Mad Dog Computer also provides Commercial Furniture Assembly for both home offices and businesses.  But it isn't so strange when you think of the trend towards 1-stop shopping in every area.  Walmart now sells fresh foods, Safeway has banks in most of their locations…
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Did you know??? You can buy a new DELL computer from Mad Dog

Many of our clients didn't know that they can purchase new Dell computers and other Dell products through Mad Dog Computer.   We'll work with you to figure out what product has the best fit to your needs, order it, receive it so it isn't sitting on your doorstop getting stolen, set it up, remove bloatware…
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