Why would you relocate from the office you have had for the last 8 years?


During the last 8 years, the world has seen a lot of changes in technology and retail services.

8 years ago, smart phones were just starting to become useful and now seem to be an indispensable part of life.

8 years ago, desktop computers with a big box were still common, flat panel displays were becoming the norm and laptops were all the rage.  Now, desktop computers are disappearing either into smaller boxes or into the flat panel display itself in the form of all in one computers.

8 years ago, laptop computers typically weighed about 8 pounds, generated enough heat to keep you warm in the winter and could run an hour or so on a battery charge.  Now, they typically weigh less than half of that, many generate so little heat that they don’t need cooling fans and can run 10-14 hours on a battery charge.  Many also now split apart to become a tablet when needed.

8 years ago, online businesses like Amazon were just starting to get popular and retailers like JC Penny, Sears, K-Mart, Macy’s, Radio Shack, Circuit City, CompUSA and WalMart were doing pretty well.  Now, except for WalMart, they are all either closing hundreds of stores or are already out of business because they didn’t adapt.

As all of these changes have taken place, consumers have grown accustomed to tapping their phones a couple of times and the items they want magically items appear at their house.  Need Dog food?  Do you go to the store, find a parking place, wait in line, pay for it, haul it to your car and then into your house or do you push a few buttons and have it at your front door the next day?

8 years ago, we frequently had 20 people a day come into our Tigard office for computer help and would go to client’s locations 2-3 times a week.  Today, we go to client locations 4-5 times a day and might have 20 people come into the office over an entire week.  We have to evolve to meet our client’s demands for more personalized and convenient service and we can better do that a location based 3 miles from our home in Oregon City instead of 25 miles away in Tigard.


What is the difference between a “free estimate” and “paid diagnostics”


A "free estimate" is when we can physically look at your computer or listen to your description of symptoms and pretty well deduce what is causing the problems without having to dig into the hardware and/or software first.  Examples of this would be things like cracked laptop screens, a noisy fan, pop-ups, dust/lint/fur sticking out of the computer, etc.

If we have to disassemble the computer, substitute parts, use diagnostic tools and/or software, that is where the "paid diagnostics" come in.  Examples of problems which would require "paid diagnostics" include things like

  • the computer won't turn on
  • Windows won't start up
  • the computer won't connect to WiFi
  • I smelled burning electronics
  • the laptop was dropped and now has internal and external damage

In these cases, the problem could be caused by many different things and/or require multiple replacement parts.  The "free estimate" in this case would be that you need to have "paid diagnostics" performed.

"Paid diagnostics" is really a misnomer in that the only time you pay for diagnostics is if you choose to not have us perform the necessary repairs.  In every other case, 100% of the diagnostic fee applies towards the labor portion of the repairs making the diagnostics wind up being free.



How did you come up with the name Mad Dog?


For a company name, we wanted something short, memorable, easy to spell, hard to misspell which was nothing like anything else in the area and also reflected our sense of humor.

We're experienced professionals, so we also left "nerd" and "geek" out of the name.

It also drives us nuts when there is geography in a name which, due to relocation, no longer makes sense like "Idaho Computers" relocating to Oregon, so we also left geography out of our name as well.

The clincher was when we came up with our mascot which tied the whole package together.