Monthly Archives: February 2016

Did you know??? You can buy a new DELL computer from Mad Dog

Many of our clients didn't know that they can purchase new Dell computers and other Dell products through Mad Dog Computer.   We'll work with you to figure out what product has the best fit to your needs, order it, receive it so it isn't sitting on your doorstop getting stolen, set it up, remove bloatware…
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Did you know??? Mad Dog has Windows 7 computers for sale

Many of our clients are surprised to find out that they can still get Windows 7 computers from Mad Dog Computer.   They are also surprised that Microsoft has committed to supporting Windows 7 through January 14, 2020, almost 4 more years, by which time you'll probably be looking for another computer. Frequently, clients bring their dead…
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Lego Marvel’s Avengers for XBOX One – Well Crafted & Entertaining

LEGO MARVEL'S AVENGERS FOR XBOX ONE PRODUCT REVIEW Lego Marvel's Avengers is the latest Lego video game for game consoles, and is rated E 10+ for Everyone ten and up. I have to say that this is definitely an improvement over the previous Lego game based on characters from Marvel comics: Lego Marvel Superheroes. This…
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